Women: Make Time for a Cancer Screening

Being a woman can be hard.

As if our daily (and monthly) demands aren’t enough, someone decided we need to add mammograms and Pap tests to our lists, too!

I feel your frustration. I’ve even caught myself contemplating canceling my own routine cancer screenings. The list of my excuses could go on and on, but in the end, I know those excuses are the exact reasons I need to follow through with my appointment.

Let me explain . . .

My primary excuse for wanting to avoid these appointments is that I don’t have time, or at least, it doesn’t feel like I have time. Between my full-time job, laundry, meal planning, caring for my parents, paying bills, shuttling kids and scheduling everyone else’s appointments – I don’t have time! Even if I did have time, I’d rather spend it doing something a little more fun than being poked and prodded at the doctor’s office.

Are you ready for the reality check? Because it’s REAL, ladies.

What happens if I don’t make time? What if I put off my cancer screening for a year? Or maybe even two? Then what? What if something gets missed? What if it becomes too late? Who will take care of them then? These screenings aren’t just about us.

They’re also about the people who love us and count on us to be there for them. These screenings are about being here to wipe every tear, celebrate every milestone and grow old with the ones we love.

So, if your main excuse for not getting your mammogram or Pap test is, “I don’t have time,” then MAKE THE TIME. Before it’s too late. Today. Call now. Schedule your appointment.

There may be many other “excuses” women have for not getting their screenings. For some, it is finances. For others, it can be transportation or the inability to take time away from work. But these “excuses” are real issues that can keep women from having access to the quality care they need.

Whatever your barrier is, I want you to know – there is help. If you are facing one of these barriers, contact Women’s Way today. Call 701-328-3398 or 800-449-3364 visit health.nd.gov/womens-way for more information. Help is waiting for you!