School/Sports Physicals

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Hi, my name is Joan Connell and I’m a pediatrician at UND Center for Family Medicine, as well as lead for the North Dakota Medical Association Physician Advisory Group. Here we are in sports physical season. When you get your sports physical, take the opportunity to connect with your physician. Include your sports physical as part of an annual well child check. Talk with your physician about any concerns you have. Let them know what struggles you have in athletics and what your goals are. Get tips from them on how to become the most successful. This will include talking about things like water intake, nutrition, and sleep. So don’t miss those opportunities. Students, if you’ve been feeling a little depressed, if you’re having trouble getting to sleep at night or doing the things that you’d like to do due to depression or anxiety, make sure you bring this up with your provider. There’s lots of things we have to offer to make things better.