Infection Prevention and Control Training for Health Care Workers

Whether you are a seasoned health care professional, or just getting started in the field of health care, infection prevention and control (IPC) is an important part of your daily job. Germs exist in the health care environment that can spread and cause infections. You can help protect yourself and those you provide care for by understanding where germs live and how to stop the spread.

North Dakota Health and Human Services (NDHHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are collaborating on infection prevention and control training that can make your job easier. We are excited to bring Project Firstline trainings and IPC content to North Dakotans that are in the health care field including CNA, EVS, RN, LPN and other important health care positions. Trainings and materials are free and available to all health care workers. Our goal is for health care workers to learn practical ways to keep germs from spreading in the workplace no matter what their background or IPC education may be.

What can NDHHS Project Firstline offer you?
• Free live trainings
• Recording of past trainings
• Job aids and posters
• Staff huddle topics
• Opportunities for mentorship and partnership

Feedback from training participants:
“I found this course very informative on not only infection control, but how infections are spread and how to try and stop or slow the spread of infection.”

“I truly feel the structure of your presentations is probably the easiest to follow and the most user-friendly webinars I have participated in!”

To learn more about NDHHS Project Firstline or access training content, please visit or email