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Nothing is more important than your health. So, it’s essential to know the best ways to protect, maintain and strengthen it. But with all the health information available from all kinds of different, and often unreliable sources, it’s hard to separate fact from myth. That’s why there’s KNOWTIFY, from the North Dakota Department of Health.

KNOWTIFY brings together all the best health-related information from experts and sources you trust. It’s the reliable, relatable and carefully curated hub of important content to keep you and your family in the know and in good health.

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The world of health can be complex, so we simplify it for you in a way that’s credible, understandable and sharable. Our goal is to be a trusted source of health knowledge that’s informative and expansive, encompassing all the various states of mental, social, physical and emotional health.

We’ll draw from fields of science, medicine, public health and academia, and touch on areas that directly impact individual health from nutrition, fitness and wellness to safety and seasonal subjects plus so much more. We’ll feature experts and specialists in the health community and within the state. And we’ll bring it all together in one location for everyone to experience online.

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At KNOWTIFY, we believe health content can be both informational and enjoyable. Explore engaging health-related blogs, videos and podcasts. Gain insights with thought-provoking revelations about health from certified experts. Take in KNOWTIFY’S A Minute For Your Health audio segments featuring timely tidbits on health topics that interest you.

Your health is important. So is getting the right health-related information. Dive in and discover the cutting-edge health knowledge you’re looking for to improve your health and well-being as a human being. Make KNOWTIFY your go-to resource for the health content you need from the experts you trust.