Women’s Health Month

  • Women’s Health Month

    Susan Mormann, with the North Dakota Department of Health, talks about the steps woman can take to improve their health.


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    This is KNOWTIFY. Take a minute for your health.

    Hey, this is Susan Norman with the North Dakota Department of Health. I’m the director of community and health systems here to visit with you about Women’s Health Month, and the importance of women identifying manageable steps that we can take to improve our health. There are a few things that we probably each can be doing. Maintaining those regular checkups with our healthcare provider, physical activity. Try and move 30 minutes a day. A healthy eating plan. Look at increasing the number of fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid using tobacco products and being around secondhand smoke. If we’re not healthy, we can’t take care of all of those other people that depend on us. In Maym remember to take care of you and put yourself at the top of your to-do list, because your health is worth it.

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