Summer Safety Tips

  • Summer Safety Tips

    Beth Oestreich with the North Dakota Department of Health provides summer safety tips to keep you and your family safe.


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    This is KNOWTIFY. Take a minute for your health.

    My name is Beth Oestreich. I am the injury prevention program director for the North Dakota Department of Health. With summer finally approaching, we are offering safety tips that will help you and your family stay safe.

    For boating and water safety, always actively supervise kids in and around open water. When on a boat, have your children wear an appropriate life jacket. Never buckle your infant into a car seat while on the boat, because if it were to capsize, the car seat would sink instantly. Do not drink alcoholic beverages while boating.

    For summer sun safety, use sunscreen and make sure to reapply it as needed. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to keep cool. And don’t forget to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and a hat.

    For travel safety, avoid distracted driving. Never drive after drinking or allow anyone who has been drinking to drive. Also, always wear your seatbelt while traveling in the vehicle. And remember to have a fun and safe summer.