Moving from Pandemic to Endemic

  • Moving from Pandemic to Endemic

    Grace Njau from ND Health explains the difference between endemic and pandemic and what that means for COVID-19 in our communities.


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    Hi, I’m Grace Njau. I am the director of special projects and health analytics at the Department of Health. A new word you may be hearing is endemic. What is endemic state? So endemic state refers to this transition from what was an exponential growth or what we call the pandemic of this virus that has not evolved into a constant state of where we still have some virus that is circulating within our population, but we have the tools and resources to manage it, and to also make it a little bit predictable. So other examples of endemic conditions include things like malaria, HIV, and TB, which are not any less severe, but our ability and tools to manage it do allow us to have a little bit more control on the outcomes and severity of the virus or condition.