Important Information about RSV

  • Important Information about RSV

    Dr. Joan Connell, pediatrician at the UND Center for Family Medicine, provides important information about the respiratory virus, RSV.


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    My name is Dr. Joan Connell, and I am the pediatrician at UMD Center for Family Medicine. Respiratory season is upon us, and while there are many respiratory viruses circulating, one of those is RSV or respiratory syncytial virus. RSV seems to be hardest on the young and the very old and spread by those in the middle, so you have to be thoughtful about going to work when you’re sick, going to school. RSV might look like a fever, cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, and then particularly in infants and small children, poor feeding. So if you notice increased work of breathing or fast breathing or any kind of struggle, or if you notice signs of dehydration, we would recommend that you contact your physician.