Healthy Tips for Better Nutrition

  • Healthy Tips for Better Nutrition

    March is National Nutrition Month, so here's some healthy eating tips and resources that can help improve your nutrition.


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    My name is Amanda Varriano, and I am the North Dakota WIC Director. March is always National Nutrition Month. So one of the best messages that always comes with National Nutrition Month is balancing your diet, eating a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables, and just looking at different ways that we can incorporate fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese into the diet. is where we encourage people to go. There’s a lot of information on there or Lots of different tips, like if you’re eating breakfast and want to add some fruits, you can add blueberries or strawberries to cereal or yogurt. And adding vegetables like grated carrots or grated zucchini maybe into pasta sauces, meatloafs. Having whole fruits with meals, like apples, bananas, pears. Having a salad, can help you get creative. If there’s different vegetables you like mixing it up, adding different flavors, so you’re not getting bored, either.